1. shrey

    This site has inspired me to go vegan. It is informative and I feel that the best part about it is that you have laid out all the issues that someone might face while starting out.
    However, I wanted to know more on how it affects the teeth since I’m very careful about my teeth, already had a RCT, so don’t want to go through pain again!

    • Margarita

      Hi Shrey. Thank you for the praise! In a future, I will write about how to take care of teeth on a raw food diet. The problem with raw fooders is that most of their calories are coming from seed foods which contain mineral-binding phytic acid (read about it here).

      To address your concern shortly – first, sprout all your grains, nut, seeds and beans. If you are trying to heal decay or some other dental problem, avoid them for a while completely! Second, make sure you take enough calcium and phosphorous – a great idea is to eat grounded organic eggshells. And third, consume a decent serving of fat-soluble vitamins (Vitamins A, E, D and K2) every day. These vitamins are also called activators because the are really activating substances that help your body utilize minerals present in the diet (read the works of Dr. Price). For example, like I outlined in the post, I take raw fermented cod liver oil and butter oil which contain all the above-mentioned vitamins. If you follow these three steps you would not only make yourself virtually resistant to cavities but you would also be able to remineralize existing cavities. Why and how? Dr. Price found that indigenous populations who are nearly immune to all dental problems eat no to very little grains, seeds or nuts. On the other hand, they eat lots of raw butter and milk from grass-fed animals as well as animal organs (liver and heads, yes, yuck). If you are interested to know more about these curious findings, read the book by Ramiel Nagel, Cure Tooth Decay. Everything is laid out in a coherent, easy-to understand manner – you would be able to connect all the points. The book is a treasure to have if you want to take the health of teeth in your own hands. Amazing stuff! Read its preview here.

      I had one root canal therapy done as well – I know how disheartening it feels especially if you are still so young. But cheer up, don’t be upset, lend some wisdom from remote Swiss Alps people, Australian Aborigines and others and you will see changes starting to happen with your teeth.

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