1. Dylan

    Wow! Very exciting stuff! Do you believe one plant can truly do so many amazing things for our body? I sure hope so! Thanks for this great information.

    • Margarita


      Yes, I believe so. Moreover, I’m certain. Why? Here is a live “clinical study”.

      Contrary to what should be happening right now after Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing is not happening. I mean there are no inborn genetic abnormalities. People are born healthy! Unlike in Ukraine and to some extent in Belarus after atomic explosion in 1986. I heard that this is attributed to fucoidan in brown seaweeds that Japanese regularly eat. See what I’m getting at? Simply amazing.

      And, yes, probably because of the explosion, in Belarus, seaweed was not such an exotic food. I remember I ate it often as a kid. Raw. Soaked in water, with unrefined sunflower oil, and salt it was pretty good. Try it yourself!

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