Why live on alive?


Well, because plants are alive (or metabolically active) after being picked 🙂

Any modification of plant flesh, especially cooking, and to some extent drying and freezing strips veggies & fruits of their high-vibrational goodness so vital for your wellbeing.

Cooking or heat processing includes:

roasting, baking, boiling, frying, steaming & smoking.


There are many sites on a raw vegan diet.

You can find tons of info on its benefits, how to start it, what to eat.

How to overcome the challenges of this diet is a little harder to find though.

Some problems that you may experience while transitioning or in the first months are:

feeling of hunger, coldness, undesirable food cravings & lack of energy.



The focus of this blog?

To help you with challenges on your raw vegan journey so that you stay on it long-term!

My name is Margarita. You can learn more about me here.

Welcome to my little piece of online land!