1. Nelson

    Very informative article,

    I sometimes suffer with allergies and still can’t really tell the reason why. But now that you have pointed this out, this might be one of the causes of why this also happens to me.

    Thanks for expressing the truth in what causes this to happen and for breaking it down to simplicity.

  2. ches

    An educational and informative post. Quite often sufferers think they have an allergy gene but as you suggest, it does appear that it is an environmental problem.

    I know of someone who actually produced her own allergy by overdosing continually on a certain food and in the end her body couldn’t tolerate it any more. I think she was susceptable though as she nearly died when stung by a honey bee here in the UK. Her throat closed up and it was touch and go for a while. Needless to say, she has to be very careful if bees and wasps are in the vicinity.

    I would be interested to read part 2 of your article but for me the link did not work, perhaps I’ll look in again in a few days time. Ches

    • Margarita

      Thank you Ches for your feedback. I think allergy sufferers think their allergy issues are genetic because they are told so by their family and friends who listen to conventional doctors. If an allergy is genetic that means you cannot do anything about it apart from “controlling” it, that is, taking allergy medications forever. A cured person is a lost customer – that is reality, unfortunately. On the other hand, doctors need to earn a living too, but wouldn’t they gain more, even financially, if they cured all patients instead of constantly relieving them from their symptoms? I think they would.

      You will probably agree with me that the food your acquaintance was overdosing on along with bee poison are allergens, meaning they are triggers of her allergic reaction, not a root of her allergy. Her root problem lies in high of level toxins in her body – immune system fires allergic reaction specifically against them to get rid of them and with time, if the level of those toxins is not decreased, immune system mistakenly starts to fire allergic reactions against harmless substances such as certain foods, animal dander and the like… If you are interested, read Part 2 of the article – I fixed the link.

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