Benefits of being a vegan? Not to be part of this


Benefits of being a vegan - not to be part of thisIf you simply don’t care about health benefits of being a vegan, maybe the benefit of not being a part of what you see on this photo would appeal to you more.

It does not matter where and when the photo was taken and why the pigs are in these type of cages.

One thing is certain about the photo – some individual in this planet saw the pigs and decided to eternalize another evidence of human hellish side with their camera. That is it.

It takes a lot of stupidity to assume that nothing will follow after treating animals like that or anywhere similar.

Moreover, it is highly doubtful that there will be no ill consequences for those “with hearts” who do not associate themselves with something like this but still put the fried flesh of these creatures in their mouth, chew and swallow it…

Let me know what feelings this photo invokes in you.





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