Today’s Contaminated World: Romaine Lettuce or Chicken? What Is the Lesser Evil?

A spring salad from recently harvested organic Romaine lettuce or a dish from organically-grown, steamed chicken? What would contain less contaminants per gram? Contaminants –  the traces of human activity – are on every step. And unless you are hiding somewhere in the Arctic or Antarctic, you are subjected to all kinds of contaminants on … [Read more…]

Taking a Look at 4 Raw Vegan Research Studies (2 Human + 2 Animal)

Below I compiled several raw vegan research studies: with good and no-to-so good observations, human and non-human. Clinical human trials Sedentary raw vegans = endurance exercisers!   The results of this study sound amazing. Researchers found that some health parameters of SEDENTARY raw vegans are similar to those of ENDURANCE EXERCISERS! Health characteristics of 21 … [Read more…]

10 Top Vegan Countries (continued; with Popular Vegan Dishes and Their Ingredients)

Today I’ll continue with the other five vegan countries. I talked about the world’s top five countries with the greatest percentage of vegans and vegetarians in this post. Knowing what these countries are is useful when traveling and wanting to stick to your vegan lifestyle. Similarly, if you are a raw vegan, traveling in these … [Read more…]

10 Most Vegan Countries (I Also Included Traditional Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes and Their Ingredients)

Vegan countries attract attention. Because vegan dishes are part of everyday life. Because that’s normal to go to a restaurant and see vegan food all over the place. Because all kinds of rice, potatoes, legumes, and veggie meals are truly loved and enjoyed since birth. If you are planning to travel to any of these … [Read more…]