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Back to health with raw, herbs, and unique regenerative techniques.

Biologist (B.Sc. Biol)
Reversed my rosacea (in less than 6 months)
80-100% raw vegan for over 10 years


Frederic Patenaude:

.. powerful ideas that I’ve never read ANYWHERE on how to optimize a raw vegan diet.





Lori Hoffman

I just can’t say enough good things about Margarita.

She is kind and knowledgeable and very patient and understanding.

If you are looking for help and guidance, to improve your health, look no further.

She definitely gives 100%!!



Monty Shah

Margarita is an extremely knowledgeable raw vegan mentor and an experiential learner who practices what she preaches.

Her positive personality, perseverance and the zeal to help others is what makes her a wonderful human!




I am very grateful for Margarita.

She is a real one.

She has helped me so much when I needed it the most.

The information that she handles for physical and emotional health is next level.

We can all benefit from a plant based raw vegan diet and having someone like Margarita that is dedicating her life, time and energy to the study and development of the optimal diet and helping others in the process is really admirable.

I’m eternally grateful and I just wish more people would get to know about her, a true healer.

I hope we get to see her on a YouTube channel soon for she has so much to share with the world.

She gives it all away, her recipes, her methods, the explanations are clear and straight to the point.

Thank you so much Margarita – you are a gift to this world.  




Daryna Schupp

Thank you a lot for help with my inflated liver and guts.
The doctors couldn’t help me and I started feeling pain  under my ribs and in stomach.
But your consultation tackled the issue in 2 weeks and I feel better every other day.
It is so nice to see a holistic way of healing for both my body and mental health.