Do blue light-blocking glasses really work? Your Dad was right: they do

Do blue light blocking glasses really work (My review on PROSPEK Blue Light Glasses))

They are especially welcome in this kind of weather..:/

Do blue light-blocking glasses really work? They do, if your glasses block majority of blue light.

A non-food topic today but something that may considerable improve your wellbeing. And you may start to experience it on the first day which was the case with me.

Blue light-blocking glasses… As the name suggests this type of glasses block blue light.

I talked about blue light here. In a nutshell, blue light is natural and is emitted by theĀ  sun. However, when your eyes absorb only blue light (without the healing benefits of red and infrared) blue is damaging to the eyes. That’s because it’s a high energy light. If you look at the electromagnetic spectrum, blue light is actually located very close to the UV light (ultravioletĀ  light).

Coming back to the question: Do blue light-blocking glasses really work?

Yes, they work! I’ll describe how they work for me. My eyes are hardly ever tired anymore! My sleep is deeper. I also feel a better sense of wellbeing in the evening when it’s dark out.


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