Does raw vegan lifestyle mean that you will always feel and look healthy?

Does raw vegan lifestyle mean that you will always feel and look healthyJudging a book by its cover or its title is never smart. So, making conclusions about raw vegan lifestyle based on how your raw vegan neighbor looks like is not smart either.

No doubt, when you eat lots of organic veggies and fruits every day and  try to keep your diet maximally free of contaminants, your health and looks should be amazing. But that’s not always the case.

Take your neighbor, for example. He looks excessively thin and pale, and you barely see any muscles on him. And you think for yourself, what’s the point of grazing on lettuce and apples all day then… I don’t want to look like a walking skeleton…

That’s true and it’s kind of disappointing that practicing even such an extremely healthy diet doesn’t guarantee you good looks. Yes, but at the same time you don’t know what’s going on in your neighbor’s life.

  • For example, your neighbor might be going through a major life drama such as divorce
  • He might be missing fat-soluble vitamins or vitamin B12, and is not aware of that
  • He might be exercising very little
  • He recently might have come back from India where he suffered a major food poisoning.
  • He might be eating plant foods that are laid with pesticides and nitrates
  • He might be a pessimist (oh yeah, your thoughts impact how you feel and look big time)

You get the point.

Like with many things in life, your best bet is to approach this lifestyle slowly, trying one change at a time, listening to your body, and adjusting the diet for yourself:

♠ For example, if you don’t have energy to exercise when eating just raw plant foods, then consider taking raw vegan protein powders. Although, protein powders are not whole foods and don’t really fit the ‘criteria of raw veganism’, it’s better to take them than to miss out on your workouts

♠ Or if you feel cold, then consider steaming some vegetables or tubers or even rice. For example, steamed white potatoes or sweet potatoes will warm your insides quickly

It’s better to eat some cooked food than trying to warm up with raw fatty foods that can leave you tired and encourage fat gain.

Here are some other ways to keep yourself toasty when eating raw.

♠ If you are craving some comfort food, then consider making a raw vegan version of your favorite comfort dishes. For example, your comfort food is pizza. Then google “raw vegan pizza recipes” and do some miracles in the kitchen!

The rule of thumb is to avoid too much fat or oil, use organic ingredients as much as possible, and keep recipes simple.


I find that it’s also vital to learn about raw veganism from people who have been there.

By reading experiences of long-term raw vegans, you can minimize the chances of making some mistakes that might cost your good looks and the way you feel.

And let me tell you, I think that 90% of beginner raw vegans do similar mistakes. For example, they catch up on their calories with fatty foods. They overlook the importance of taking special care of their teeth. Others, stick to 100% raw veganism and ignore the obvious signs that it doesn’t really work for them.

I’d suggest checking out Frederic Patenaude and Tonya Zavasta and what they have to say.


So, the only way to find out how raw veganism will work for your health and looks is to try it for a few weeks, and listen what your body tells you (it’s that little voice from deep inside that sometimes we tend to ignore).

And I can guarantee you something right away. You WILL feel at LEAST SOME difference in how you feel and look.

To get you started on raw veganism, here I compiled some ways to make the transition smoother for you.

Plus, you might be interested to know factors that determine your success on the raw vegan diet.



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