Got pain? Take wild lettuce (Nature’s morphine)

You got pain due to arthritis or fibromyalgia? Migraine?
Take wild lettuce (milk thistle)! Check if you have some in your backyard!!
Add a cup to your daily green smoothies.
Wild lettuce relieves pain similar to morphine 🤩


  1. Amanda

    Sorry but this is not about lettuce but about shungite. I was thinking about ordering shungite until I seen you say not to use if you have blood clots or cancer. I have had both would you mind telling me why it’s contraindicated. I would love to know. TIA Amanda x ps love your site, just found it and past it to a friend.

    • Margarita

      Hi Amanda,

      Hmm… That info comes from one of the Russian articles.

      However, I see some articles now in Russian Yandex… that shungite can be used for these too.

      Honestly, I would use it.

      Happy you love it.

      Thank you for passing to your friend!!

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