1. Dave Sweney

    Some very good tips on adding different tastes and methods of serving raw vegetables in a manner that you can enjoy them a little bit more and gain the health benefits of fresh…

    I like raw vegetables, there have been 30 day periods when only canned vegetables and fruits were available in my life, and you would be surprised how good fresh tastes after that!

    I do know that the vitamins are often water soluble, so by eating them fresh using some of the suggestions you have provided here is actually a lot healthier…

    Do you recommend freezing fresh vegetables? s there a loss of nutrients when you do this? I have often wondered about this…

    Perhaps these are not as good as fresh, but it beats the canned vegetables I think, which are not close to fresh or raw in taste nor nutritional value…

    The tip you added on using celery as a natural salt is a new one to me as well, I will be trying that one out! Good information…

    • Margarita

      Hello Dave,

      Glad you found the info helpful.

      In order to make canned vegetables, pasteurization is absolutely necessary. Meaning the veggies are heated to at least 100°C (212°F). Plus, commercially canned vegetables often house a handful of nasty additives.

      Freezing veggies is perfectly fine. In fact, frozen produce is considered raw. That is because a very small portion of nutrients is lost. Actually, freezing is one of two most conservative ways to process vegetables and fruits (other one is dehydrating at low temperatures). Ever heard of people finding mammoth remains in the far north of Russia? The meat looks and taste like that of just freshly killed animal. Can you imagine, the meat that is at least 4500 years old? The same goes for vegetables!

      In this post I included a chart showing the loss of some vitamins and minerals during freezing, drying and cooking. Obviously, all types of cooking is what kills most goodness in food.

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