Grounding On Your Back: How To Feel More Energized In 15 Min (Reduces Stress, Fatigue, Overwhelm)

How To Feel More Energized? Just in 15 minutes?

This works like a miracle. Period.

Do it today and see for yourself.


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This technique is called grounding or earthing.

Basically, what you do is you don’t do anything!

You just lay down on the ground, that’s it.

The Earth does all the work for you!


How it works

How it works is when you are on the ground your body is connected to the Earth. 

Negatively charged electrons from the earth neutralize positively charged particles in your body (also called free radicals)

Grounding also reduces static electrical charge in your body.

In short, electromagnetic field of the earth harmonizes electromagnetic field of your body.


As a result

As a result, you feel energized.

You feel peaceful and calm.

You feel extra fresh.

You know that feeling after getting out of the river?

This is the feeling that you get after doing grounding (or very similar).


How to do grounding?

1. Find a quiet clean spot somewhere in Nature.

It can be in a forest, in the field, or by the river.

2. Lay down on the ground, close your eyes.

Make sure that you are wearing some natural clothing, like linen a cotton.

3. Think ONLY happy thoughts and imagine ONLY happy scenes.

It can be anything from the past or something you want to do in the future.


For an extra boost of energy

If you also do palming (see the very bottom) while doing grounding the benefits will be even bigger.

Palming is very effective in alleviating tiredness.

If you also smile while doing grounding and palming, after 15 minutes you may feel like you were just born again 😉


How long to do grounding

Depending on your state, 15 minutes should be enough to get you energized.

If you feel extra tired, do it for 30 or 40 minutes.


Why do it every day?

Because grounding reduces the number of free radicals in our body, this elevates any inflammatory conditions (like diabetes and arthritis).

Now, because over 90% of health conditions have inflammatory causes, this makes grounding everyday must-do technique.


How to do grounding


How to do palming

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