Include cold-pressed oils or not?

Transitioning to raw foods to reverse your aches and pains?
Wondering whether to include cold-pressed oils?
I would say they are not IDEAL.
And it’s optimal if they can be replaced by a raw source they are coming from (coconut meat, olives, hempseeds, avocado, etc).
On the other hand, if you, for example, urgently need to increase your levels of omega 3’s, gain weight, or can’t digest fiber well (due to severe gut condition or recent surgery), cold pressed oils would be an option for you.
Having said, if some reason, you are not able to eat coconut meat, olives, hempseeds, avocado, etc. every day…
….and in sufficient amounts….
…I would just take 1-2 tablespoons of some cold-pressed oil.
That’s because including raw plant fat (especially omega 3 fatty acids) is critical for reversing aches and pains, and ultimately vibrant health.


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