Inner Radiance

Here I list some natural stuff that you can take internally to improve your physical vitality and beauty from inside out




  • ¬†Astaxanthin. Harvest its benefits because it’s 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C


Natural sources of astaxanthin and where to get this precious carotenoid




  • Shungite. Heal your chronic diseases and allergies


All about shungite water: make, use, buy




  • Teff. Really fills you up (and thus slims you down!)


About teff – lilliputian but almighty grain (perfect for raw vegans)




  • Vitamin B12 (naturally occurring form). Better to take it if you are strict vegan and don’t live on a farm


Vitamin B12 and vegans: How to get vitamin B12




  • French green clay. Effectively fight radiation and other nasty contaminants and toxins