Law of Attraction how to’s: How to be happy with your manifestation

How to be happy with your manifestations and truly love what you manifest?

In this article, I describe an absolutely must-do thing in order to love your manifestations.

Otherwise, you may get your manifestation, but you may not be really happy with it.

You may not be really in love with it.

It’s very simple:

Let’s say you’re visualizing a tropical villa.

You are visualizing the walls, the floors, the furniture, magnificent views, the patio, the balcony.

You are visualize every corner of your tropical villa.

Now while you do that you must add and feel (the most important thing is to feel) that you love the floors, you love the views.

You love the windows, you love the neighbors.

You love the peace, you love that it’s so quiet.

You are in love with this place with every cell of your body.

And you are in love with every corner of that tropical villa.  

You’re happy.  

You’re absolutely content.

Let’s say now you imagining yourself sitting on the patio in that villa.

Feel that happiness:

The wind is blowing.

You’re looking at the view, you’re looking at this magnificent shoreline.

You’re hearing the birds.

You feel this peace.

You feel you are absolutely thriving in that place.

You feel that you love every corner of this place.

You love it.

You just love it.

You have become that love!

In fact, you must love it.

This is very very critical.

Otherwise, like I said your manifestation may come but you will not be really happy with it.

I’ll share my story quickly and how I learned that you must feel love and happiness when visualizing.

In the last 6-8 months I was working on 5-6 manifestations:

All of them came true 4 months ago.

I wanted to move to a more warmer place here in Canada, with vineyards and magnificent mountains and I did.

I wanted to surf and I did.

I wanted to live on top of the hill and I did.

I wanted to be in the trailer and I was. 

I wanted to ride a motorboat and I did. 

I got everything. This was completely shocking.

But sometimes it seemed like all these fell from the sky.

It was somewhat disorganized.

Somewhat messy.

It seemed like Universe said: Margarita, you want this, here you go, and it just threw all that stuff at me.

I was somewhat happy with what I manifested.

But at the same time, I was not really happy.

Although I did live in a trailer, on top of the hill, with this magnificent view but at the same time I had this facility going on five days a week making this loud noise.

I had to wear earplugs!

It may seems like such a little thing, noise.

Yet imagine yourself in a tropical villa and you have this really noisy neighbours and they turn on the music really loud.

You can’t really rest.

You can’t really relax.  

You wouldn’t really want to be in that tropical villa.

No matter how luxurious and how comfortable that villa is.

You have this noise going on almost 24/7.

You will not be really happy in that place.

Then what’s the use of that villa, right?

So, whatever you’re visualizing you must always feel love and happiness for that.

In conclusion:

Feel: I am absolutely in love with it.

Feel: I’m absolutely happy with everything about it.

Okay? Be happy!

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