Lost your period on raw vegan ‘diet’?

Lost your period on raw vegan ‘diet’?
It happens…. on clean plant diets. Not a big deal.
Just do this:
1. Increase total daily calorie count.

2. If it doesn’t help, try taking dong quai tincture (1) or black cohosh tincture (2).

(Tinctures are more potent and usually contain less side-ingredients than capsules).
If the above doesn’t help, don’t be concerned too much.
You can have no periods or barely have them and still be healthy. VERY cool, huh?
Women in some native African and other tribes have little or no menstruation and STILL have a bunch of kids!
However, in case of absence of periods, AND you want to get pregnant, do make sure that you ovulate
You can check that by measuring your morning body temperature [with thermometer] or specially-designed ovulation tests.

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