1. Andy

    This is a very informative article, thank you for sharing! I have never made rice milk before but will definitely be trying now! My son has gluten and dairy intolerances and I am always looking for good recipes to lessen the blow of living as such in a gluten and dairy dominated world here in the US!

    • Margarita

      Sure Andy. Make sure to soak the rice to decrease the level of mineral-depleting phytic acid.

  2. lilywong

    I try to switch from dairy to plant based milk. But there are very limited choices. Those in the supermarket like almond or brown rice milk which are imported from overseas are really expensive too. I never knew we can make brown rice milk on our own – so imagine my joy when I found this article! It’s genius to ‘cook’ grains with ACV – sounds healthy too. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Margarita

      You are welcome Lily.

      It tastes great even without anything added. Here you can read more on how to “cook” rice to make it more friendly both for your tummy and taste buds 😉

      Coconut milk is so good as well (will soon make a post on how to make it).

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