Feel like a fish out of the water? Here is why raw veganism may not be for you (at this time)

Maybe raw veganism is not exactly your thingThings just don’t seem to work for you? Then maybe at this time you should not be too religious about being 100% raw vegan.

Because everyone is different. This way of eating can be extreme for some. For others, it’s easier. For example, if you were a city child brought on potatoes, scrambled eggs, chicken, and only occasional celery sticks and carrots, then it will be more difficult for you to adopt a raw diet than for someone who grew up with the garden in their yard.

What we ate as kids is important as childhood lays out the foundation for the whole life. However, it doesn’t mean that you should leave your goal of thriving only on fresh plants foods, if that is what you want. For you, it just means that you might need go a little slower, do some exceptions or try a bit more harder 🙂

Although I was the one with the yard (I spent summers in the countryside), I still struggled with raw veganism in my first year (I still do sometimes). That was 2012. Though overall, leaving behind rye bread, baked salmon, and cheese wasn’t too hard for me. Rye bread, especially sourdough, was my favorite cooked food. Baked/salted salmon, and to some extent cheese were my favorite animal foods.

Some of the problems I experienced I’ll list below.

♠ 2 times out of 3 I felt unsatiated after meals

♠ I had difficulty losing the remaining pounds

♠ Sometimes I had digestion problems

Although I struggled, I continued to do what failed earlier. For example, eating 2-4 bananas to curb my hunger, which worked only for 1 hour or so.

Of course, I tried new foods and new way of preparing them as well (that’s how eventually raw veganism started to work for me, more or less).

Now when I look back I see that I was too adamant about 100% raw veganism. If I did have some cooked rice sometimes, for example, this could have made things easier for me.


Modifying your raw vegan diet just a little may help you eventually succeed on it


So, if after a year you still experiencing difficulties on raw veganism maybe it’s time to reassess and take a step back from what you are currently doing. Because doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results is definition of insanity 😉 On the other hand, changing just 1-2 things can make a big difference.

I’ll give you a few examples:

♠ If you feel like you have trouble staying full, maybe you should explore some foods that you never tried before. Or go back to your favorite cooked staples such as steamed rice and potatoes while at the same time trying new raw foods that might eventually work for you…

♠ If you feel lightheaded and it seems like you think slower than you used to then you might be missing essential amino acids and fat-soluble vitamins. In this case, take a quality whole fish oil supplement or cod liver oil for some time and see if it fixes the problems.

Also, make sure that you have access to some source of vitamin B12.

♠ If you experience digestion problems then maybe you should look at alternative ways to prepare your raw meals. For example, sprouting or fermenting grains, seeds and nuts is a way to increase their digestibility and absorbtion.

Here is how to sprout and ferment (and soak).

Also, you might want to check this list of things which help me stay on a raw vegan diet


Is your problem staying full and difficulty losing the remaining weight?


You still want to try once more to stick to 100% raw veganism? And your problem is staying full and difficulty losing the remaining weight?

Then this program that I released a few weeks might be exactly what you are looking for:




In the program I lay out the system on how to finally LOSE THOSE ANNOYING POUNDS an a raw vegan diet WHILE FEELING FULL AND SATISFIED FOR HOURS after every meal.



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