Raw Vegan Diet and Wrinkles (or How to Keep Wrinkles at Bay)

Do a raw vegan diet and wrinkles walk separately? Yes, to some extent. But at some point their paths intersect. Although intersections happen later and less frequent than in the case of regular meat-and-potato diets.

In other words, a raw vegan diet does make you look youthful and less prone to wrinkles. But still you will need to do something extra to maintain your wrinkle-free look for longer. Now, because I’m still in that age when wrinkles are generally not a problem, I don’t have too much experience with that.

However, I remember when I was 22-23 years old I noticed a few very fine lines on the very top of my forehead. That started to bother me. So, I looked into that and tried a few weird things to tackle the problem. At the time, I was also at the beginning of adopting raw veganism and Tonya Zavasta was kind of my trigger.

Tonya Zavasta is long-term 60-year-old raw vegan and she does an amazing job at keeping her wrinkles at bay. She does that by using facial exercises or face yoga. Here Tonya talks about facial exercises.

Think about it, we all know about the importance of exercising our body muscles – legs, arms. ‘Use it or lose it’ is a good expression to describe how muscles behave if you quit using them. In other words, muscles shrink when you don’t use them.

Strong muscles is basically what gives your arms and legs that nice toned look. Same story with your face. When you exercise muscles on your face, this gives your face a firm toned look. Not only because you expand your muscles by making them work, but also because muscle contractions trigger the production of collagen!

And collagen is that vital substance that makes your skin elastic and resistant to external and internal damaging processes. Have you seen how many collagen products out there on the market? And how women of all ages are always on the hunt for these? Well, now you know one of the ways to tap into unlimited source of collagen without getting off your chair!

If you are a woman below 35
If you are a woman below 35 , face exercises is something you should look into, start doing a few or at least plan to introduce them in the future. The earlier the better. Regular facial workouts give better results than Botox and surgical procedures (without side effects)!
If you are a woman above 35
If you are woman above 35, then I think you should start doing them today. They take little time and again, the earlier you start the better. Gradually make facial exercises your habit.

Men certainly want to preserve their youth too and I think doing facial exercises should be as ‘normal’ as push-ups.

One of the eye exercises (for vision) that I do kind of ‘creates’ frown lines. So, in order to counteract this effect I combine it with a facial exercise that prevents frown lines and it becomes 2 in 1: I maintain my current vision and and prevent frown lines using just one short exercise.

Currently I do facial exercises for forehead, frown lines, and eyelids 2-3 times per week. I combine them with my vision exercises, so they take minimum time. Maybe 2-3 minutes per day.

For example, here Tonya shows how to tighten and firm your neck and jawline

Because some facial exercises make you look weird, Tonya asked her ‘friend’ Esmeralda to do them for her.

Here is Esmeralda shows how to lift droopy eyelids

For more exercises with Esmeralda go here.


My advice is you slowly introduce facial workouts into your life (even if you are under 30) and make them your habit, just like brushing teeth. Once you see the results I think you will be hooked!

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