The Real Truth About Health conference starts this Friday


While reading through the Hippocrates Health Institute magazine my mom came across an info about a big conference in New York.

The Real Truth About Health it’s called.

I think it’s a good opportunity to see the modern life from a bird’s eye view. Expect to be surprised, unbelievably disappointed.

Over 35 of the world’s top authors will tell you what they know about the modern medical system, health, food, environment, and the modern world in general.


The topics that will be covered range from:

 ♣ GMOs & meat production to flu shots & mammograms

 ♣ from house cleaning chemicals & smartphones to dying bees & contaminated oceans


In one word, lots.

You can physically go there or watch it online.

You just need to register beforehand, which you can do here. Everyone has access, no charge.








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