The social part of becoming raw vegan…

The social part of raw vegan diet….
Okay, so, someone in your household doesn’t want to get over an idea of you eating only raw baby carrots and raw peanut butter, ha-ha?
Are you going to lay awake all night and think how to please them? That’s your life, your actions and your mistakes (if there are any).
Don’t try to describe the benefits of a raw vegan diet. In situation like that, everyone is in a deaf mode.
Be quiet and act like you hardly hear them. Don’t feel bad. At the end, at least everyone’s nerves would stay fresh.
Besides, with time, you will radiate the benefits and they even will attempt to follow you.
If the food they are eating is tempting, come up with a raw food alternative and sit together.
Still want a little bit of that egg salad? Get up and go to another room.
If your attempt to stick to the diet makes you a bit socially isolated, then let it be.
You took another route and there is no way you can be on two different routes at the same time.

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