This might be the fastest way to cool down (it’s so small you can carry it in your bag!)

It’s summer.

You are low on energy from heat.

And you need the fastest way to cool down.


  • ice-cold drinks
  • conditioner
  • fan
  • cold water / ice
  • or cold shower?




Do this:

  1. Locate a bottle of peppermint essential oil in your house
  2. Take 4-5 drops, and slather them over your body, like lotion.

You can use the oil straight out of the bottle, undiluted.

Try not to get the oil into your eyes and armpits – nothing will happen, just unpleasant.


What peppermint oil to use?


  • Because your skin absorbs whatever you put on it, it’s better to use an organic version.
  • Or at least some brand that is independently certified
  • Or those brands that come from Australia or New Zealand. The regulations are more stringent there than in North America.
* Any peppermint essential will come in a bottle small enough to take it with you anywhere you go*


How I discovered it


Once when using an essential oil blend on my temples which contained peppermint essential oil, I noticed that it’s quite cooling.

I applied it on other parts of the body, and felt cooler 😉




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