This New Year’s Health Resolution: No New Year’s Resolutions Going Forward ;)

This New Years Health Resolution No New Years Resolutions Going ForwardI’ll keep this post short.

In my opinion, New Year’s Resolutions most of the time are just wishes. Wishes with little consideration of reality.

They are usually grandiose and not too realistic. Something like losing 30 pounds in the month of January. Or exercising every day for one hour.

Not to discourage you, but chances are you won’t stick to your goals for more than a few weeks. At least I know that I won’t. And I know some people that won’t.

That happens because, generally speaking, living organisms including humans are genetically programmed to choose the route of minimal energy expenditure. UNLESS there is an immediate (or so) reward or a threat of pain. (I think you will agree that exercising every day for one hour will take a significant amount of physical and some mental energy).

So, unless there is a reward in a form of getting a hundred dollars for every pound you lose, for example, you won’t last long with your resolution of working out every day for one hour. People with exceptional strong will are exceptions here. But still, behind every strong will there is a strong reason. Behind a strong reason, there is a strong purpose. That purpose directly or directly is tied to acquiring good feelings or avoidance of trouble. This goes back to the stuff that all living organisms are inherently programmed to do.

Does it mean that we shouldn’t have goals? No. But I think it means that we should switch our focus to something that is called a habit.

Habits are interesting elements of human existence. We do them with ease. We do them regularly. Even those that do require a considerable discipline we do them without really forcing ourselves.


Acquire good habits to reach your health goals

What am I trying to say? I think acquiring habits is a manageable way to reach goals.

It is said that habits take under one month to form, so keep that in mind.

To build a new habit go slow. You can use a Japanese trick to do that.

The Japanese trick involves doing something that you want to do for a very short period of time. Like a minute. And then you add one minute (or other very short interval) every day.



Let’s say on YouTube you found this great 10-minute intensive workout that you like. It doesn’t require any special equipment, so your goal is to do it whenever you have free time. And you goal is do it at least four times per week.

Start doing this workout today, on January 1. Do it only for 2 minutes. Tomorrow do it for 4 minutes. On Thursday do it for 6 minutes and so forth. On Saturday you will do it for full 10 minutes.

If everything goes as you planned, by February you should have a new beneficial habit.


Give it a try and you will see that by building habits reaching your health goals is easier than you imagine!



Expect more light and financial abundance in 2019 🙂





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