This Whale Was Killed by Plastic

This Whale Was Killed by PlasticBy that same plastic that we use every day. Yes, me and promote death. Indirectly, but we do.

Say ‘No’ do the death of whales and other creatures by using less sandwich bags, wrapping, drinking straws, etc.

Start by using less drinking straws, for example.

It’s estimated, that on average, in the West, a single person uses one straw per day. That’s 365 straws per year!

Multiply 365 straws by 7.7 billion people, the current world’s population. And we get 2,810,500,000,000. Or 2810.5 billion straws! Although in the East an average person uses less straws per day, still, the number will be roughly similar, and that’s just only drinking straws!

About a month ago, I opened an online shop and currently offer a FREE stainless steel straw (just pay for the shipping).

This stainless steel straw will last you for decades.

Replace all your straws with this stainless straw. And in the next 10 years, for example, thanks to you, less 3650 straws will end up in the oceans! It starts with a single person doing a ‘green’ little change every day.



The truth is, no matter, where and when we dump the plastic and other waste, eventually it will end up in our bodies or the bodies of our children.

However, all in our hands, and if everybody holds themselves accountable, this vicious cycle can be alleviated and eventually stopped. And instead we will start receiving back abundance of cleaner water and harvests 🙂



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