1. Hey Margarita,

    I find eating sundried figs to be good for battling hunger. I’ve been using them the last two weeks for that purpose. It helps me keep a high percentage of my foods raw. I eat about 50% raw now. I would like to increase it but like you said, one new habit at a time.

    Great blog post btw.

    God Bless,

    • Margarita


      Yes, you are right. I have them often as well. I’ll make a note of that in some other post.
      I like that you don’t need a lot of them to block the appetite. That’s because they are high in fiber and glucose.

      There is a culprit to them though. They stick to teeth. This won’t cause cavities in several weeks, but if you have them regularly, in a year, it may (personal experience with this). Same thing with all dried fruits.

      Soaking in water before eating is a way out of this. Or even in a cup of tea when you have both together. The other option is to clean mouth with salty / baking soda solution shortly after. Or at least with filtered water (I use Waterpik; works great). This might sound like a lot of hassle, and I thought so too. In the past. But not now. On the long-term, this saves you from synthetic stuff being put in your mouth and crazy dentist bills!

      50% raw is a good progress in such a short period of time. Very nice!

      Thank you for reading.

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