1. Anonymous

    Hmmm Margarita.

    I don’t believe this woman. Regardless. Maybe she is stunning but not beautiful, I feel that  beauty is a consequence of love, beauty is the truth and its absolute as it doesn’t change… maybe her diet works for her  in her own ways and for a lot of other people in their own ways, but … I feel this “raw vegan”, wave  is a trend unfortunately. Just like  coconuts, iPhones, Teslas, social media and even traveling and etc. To keep people occupied with  something, to focus their energy on and destruct them from seeking their own truth, seems that people are people, nothing more, bodies wasting their lives on maintaining their system, such a mess, no!? To live to maintain your own body!? I know we all have to do that and it is an obligation in fact but the question is to what extent….but I guess all is irrelevant, as why try to maintain something what was created for destruction, to prolong the1
     process!?  the destination is inevitable, so why not spend that energy on seeking own truth.

    Or maybe I am off topic here :).

    • Margarita


      You are looking at raw veganism from a bird’s eye view, so you are on topic. You’ve took it to as far as purpose of life though!

      My answer could be as long as a book but it’s unlikely that you will change your opinion about this kind of lifestyle (unless you come to it yourself). And there is no need to. People are different and it’s only natural that there are different opinions about things. If all people were the same, the world would be boring, don’t you think? 😉

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