Transitioning to raw veganism to heal or reach optimal health?

Are you in the process of transitioning to raw veganism to heal or reach optimal health?
Please keep in mind that you won’t feel satiated eating just fruit smoothies and salads all day.
To have that feeling of satiety after a raw meal include foods that are high in protein and resistant starch. At least once a day. Preferably in the morning.
Some examples of such food are oats, teff, quinoa, amaranth, tigernuts, plantain, coconut. To make these palatable and enjoyable in raw form, I ferment them.
Just grind these yourself beforehand or buy them already ground – as a”flour”.
Here is how to ferment such foods. Here is an example recipe with amaranth and coconut “flour”.
*Tigernut and plaintain “flour” are delicious and palatable as they are. No need to ferment these. Ready to eat out of the bag.

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