1. Sue

    I enjoyed your article about beta-carotene. I never have heard that you could eat the pumpkin flesh before. I love to eat sweet potatoes. Are yams the same thing?

    I was wondering what kind of vitamin A you would get from eating salmon. I get fresh Alaskan salmon every year from a relative who fishes there for a living. Do you know what other nutrients you get from salmon?

    You made me curious about that when you mentioned fish liver oil. I just eat it because I like it and everyone says that it is good for you.

    • Margarita

      Hi Sue,

      Although yams and sweet potatoes are quite similar in taste and shape, they belong to different families of plants. In fact, yams belong to the same family as regular white potatoes. On the other hand, sweet potatoes belong to the same family of plants as morning glory! Consequently, yams are much more close to regular white potatoes than sweet potatoes.

      As for salmon, you are actually lucky, not many people have access to such luxury – eating wild salmon caught by someone you know. Its flesh has a pre-formed Vitamin A, meaning that it directly gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

      Salmon and its eggs (caviar) are also a source of relatively little-known powerful antioxidant called anthaxathin. Actually, this is the topic of the article I am working on.

      I would advise that you don’t cook salmon to preserve its wonderful life-giving substances. Both vitamin A and anthaxathin are destroyed by heat to some extent. Instead, either pickle or dehydrate it at low temperature – I tried both in the past (before I became vegan) – yummy.

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