1. isaac

    Thank you for writing this concise and simple-to-understand article. I never know vitamin B12 can be soo hard to get. I always thought vegetables and fruits has all the vitamins we need but it is not the case with B12 it seems. It is also shocking to know that the net amount of B12 we absorb from meat is very little due to heating from cooking and absorption issues.

    What do you think we can do to increase B12 in our body?

    • Margarita

      Hi Isaac,

      Yes, tomatoes and apples don’t have B12 in their flesh. But if you harvest them from your own garden (or buy them from farmers who you trust) and eat them slightly unwashed with some soil left on them, then your B12 will never be low. There is lots of B12-making bacteria in the soil.

      Read Vitamin B12 and vegans: How to get vitamin B12 article if you want to pump on some vitamin B12, whether you are vegan or not.

  2. Hi Margarita! I’ve read the next part of this article and really benefited from it. Many thanks =)

    Even though it’s good, somehow I can’t bring myself to eat a soil… The supplement is the way to go for me . Do you know any other vitamins or minerals that is as hard to be obtained like the B12?

    • Margarita

      I see. Make sure the supplement is of good quality, at least.

      Are you vegan? Usually vegans are exposed to less vitamin K2(menaquinone), vitamin D and vitamin A as these are mostly found in animal and fish organs and meats. However, B12 is the only vitamin that’s seems to be missing in plant tissues (research studies are not conclusive). There is lots of B12 analogs though – seaweed, mushrooms. Whether B12 analogs are as good as the real vitamin B12 is not known. More research is needed.

      As far as I know, vegans in terms of minerals, are in good shape.

      Soil, if it is from your backyard, is not that bad though. Just a little bit annoying to feel it on your teeth, that’s all!

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