Want to donate money to someone who is homeless?

“You are no use anymore

That’s what Kalvin’s family said when he was diagnosed with hepatitis back in 2012…


Genuinely loves people


The other thing that pleasantly shocked me is Kalvin raised money for people who can’t walk when he was healthy!

Now he can’t walk himself… If you had to earn help (well, actually you do…), definitely, Kalvin has earned it!!

Besides not being able to walk (on the wheelchair), Kalvin’s main condition is a profound nerve damage.

Even the slightest pressure causes pain. For this reason, he can’t hold a pencil or even a spoon properly.


Up to this day helps others


Kalvin’s body is ill, yet his beautiful soul continues to bloom:

Up to this date Kalvin collects food for single mothers, cheers people up in the hospital in any way he can (one time he bought flowers and gave one to all the ladies in the hospital!)

Kalvin’s spirit has also remained vibrant:

Given what he had to go through he is usually confident and positive, stubborn (in a good way) and radiates resilience.


Let’s gift him with a second birth


Let’s give a little hand and together we can put Kalvin on his feet!

This way he can do even more good to the world with his big heart and numerous talents!

If you are willing to give money or healing vibes, please do it here (video included)

p.s. Your name and the amount you give will be reflected publicly (if you choose to). Or you can give anonymously.


Scientifically proven

Giving releases ‘pleasure’ hormones in your blood and lowers the levels of stress hormones! (follow the link above to learn more benefits of giving)


If you have any questions about the fundraiser or anything, email me at mivaniuk@shaw.ca.


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