What does one of the healthiest cultures on the planet eat?

One of healthiest and longest living cultures on the planet are Okinawans.
Where do they get the bulk of their calories?
  • 79% is coming from complex carbs!

  • Only 2% from animal products!

If we are after healing and optimal health, we can draw our own conclusions from that.

Breakdown of their daily foods:

  • 67% of all calories came from sweet potatoes (including young leaves)!

  • 12% from soaked brown rice

  • 9% from other vegetables. The most common were bitter melon, okra, daikon, hechima, and konjac

  • 6% from legumes. Soybeans were the favorite obviously

  • 3% from other grains. Barley was one of them

  • only 2% from fish, meat, eggs and milk! Pork was highly valued for some reason, go figure why

  • 1% from other foods. Like shiitake mushrooms, burdock, turmeric and green papaya. Plus seaweeds such as kombu, mozuku, wakame (all three are sources of fucoidan, more on it later)

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