1. Roopesh

    Hi Margarita

    I have gained some really useful information from your article.

    Though I am not a vegan I am a 90% vegetarian omitting all meat and chicken and just making an exception with fish. Giving that, I really love my fruits and vegetables.

    I try as often to have the fruits in its purest form, my wife and I fall short of getting the best nutrients out from our vegetables. We are guilty of boiling, steaming and sometimes frying them, thereby intentionally chemically processing them.

    I did not know that our fruits were treated with radiation and paraffin. Now, that makes me really want to source out organic produce. Sadly though, it comes with a higher price tag!



    • Margarita


      Thank you. Unfortunately cooked fish is worse than cooked meat. When you buy fish you can smell its strong odor meaning that it is in a process of decomposing. If you want to eat fish, buy it freshly caught and I know it is hard to do especially if you do not live beside ocean or sea.

      Regarding organic produce, buy less of it and enjoy the real tastes – quality is always better than quantity!

  2. anonymous

    Hello there,

    So the reason for odour in store bought fish is due to the fact that it is in process of decomposition, okay!? Okay. How come in store bought meat does not have as strong odour!?

    Cooked fish is worse than cooked meat regardless of preparation methods!?

    • Margarita


      There is less smell because muscles (meat) of warm-blooded animals (e.g. chicken) decompose at a slower rate than those of cold-blooded animals (e.g. salmon). That has to do with their varying tendency to absorb thermal energy (heat) from the surroundings. If you want to know more, please listen to lectures by Marva Oganyan – she talks about this (available on YouTube). She is a naturopath and biochemist and in my opinion is a very unique lady.

      Consequentially, for this reason, yes, fish and other seafood is worse than land animals which… sounds sort of counterintuitive.

      Did I answer your question?

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