What is Wealthy Affiliate University? A careful dissection

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It is becoming a leader in terms of teaching regular folks how to run an online business. What is Wealthy Affiliate University? Before I dive into the details, if you allow, first comes a prologue. If you are in a hurry, skip it.





In the fall of 2015 I decided to build a website. The very first one in my life if you ignore the one in high school. In high school, building a website was part of CALM curriculum, Career And Life Management, a quick mandatory course. A few brightly coloured pages with a few sentences is what it was in reality. If that could be called a website, then it was a website with severe genetic abnormalities (or code errors, I guess :)). Anyways, what I want to say is I had zero knowledge.

So, one day I asked Google a couple questions and watched several YouTube videos, got some ideas and did what I was told. I purchased a domain from SiteGround and got a premium theme, the first website has to be perfect, right? Then went into a dashboard and … just didn’t know where and what to click. For this reason, I left this mess for later and started writing content. When the article was done I managed to insert it along with the picture into a post page and published it! Yeah, lots of excitement. In the next couple weeks, using friendly google and YouTube, I could make a decent looking post that even had a few links. That is it. I could not go beyond that. I could feel that I only grabbed the tip of the iceberg. No doubt that Internet is full of website building information, but it is so scattered and I had so many detailed questions that only one-on-one approach could help. In short, I urgently needed someone who could teach me how to build a damn website, a mentor, a teacher, someone.

At that time, hiring a tutor was not an option at all. Because I could spend hours and even days fighting a tiny website bug, I became a bit passive and left the website for some time. Besides, I got busy with some offline, “real world” things.

If you want something badly, then your subconsciousness constantly works in the direction of that “want”. So, about 7 months later I somehow stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate. It claimed not only to teach how to build a website but also how to earn revenue with it. The key word here is “teach”. This is precisely what I was looking for – education. Although it is free to join, I spent some time reading reviews on it anyways.

And I did join. The thing that I adore most about this platform is getting an answer for absolutely any question I might have. At any time of the day. A quality answer, sometimes in a matter of minutes and not just one. I usually get two to four answers for the same question!


What is Wealthy Affiliate University?


Now let’s carefully dissect Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate calls itself “Wealthy Affiliate University”. I think Kyle and Carson are bit modest because I would call it a Global University of Online Business, no less than that. Kyle and Carson are the owners and founders of the platform and both live in British Columbia with their families. Each has more than 10 years of experience with Internet marketing and know the effective strategies how to get ranked by Google, the king, Yahoo and Bing.

The online business is centered around getting ranks because this determines the amount of traffic a website gets. Traffic is visitors to a website and visitors is what generates revenue. If you don’t mind, a little bit of logic here: high Google rankings = lots of traffic = lots of revenue.

Everything genius is simple. Simple, but not necessary easy. Wealthy Affiliate has a simple formula to reach success in online business.


Choose an interest  >>>  Build a website  >>>  Get Rankings and Visitors  >>>  Earn Revenue


What is Wealthy Affiliate University - simple formula



Wealthy Affiliate is free to join


Wealthy Affiliate is free to join for real. It is the only platform in the industry that gives you access for no cost. This tells how confident Kyle and Carson about what they have to offer at their University.

Immediately after you join, you have an opportunity to build 2 websites without paying a dime!

You also have access to live help and one-on-one coaching for some time, keyword search tool, first parts of online Entrepreneur Certification Course, one other important course and several other things.

You want to start building your website now? Do it.




Wealthy Affiliate premium membership


You will discover the real face of Wealthy Affiliate if you become a premium member, however. I think once you have tasted the platform while being a free member, you will naturally want to upgrade. Or you might be happy staying a free member, who knows.

If you upgrade, here is summary of some things you will have the privilege to enjoy.


Help and support

I can almost guarantee you that you will not experience a shortage of help and support. At any time of the day and night, you will be able to use unlimited live help and be able to privately message everyone in the Wealthy Affiliate community including Kyle and Carson. If you think you need it, you can even request to be coached one-on-one.


Educational resources

Educational resources you will have access to almost have no end. Only two well-organized and simple-to-follow courses, Online Entrepreneur Course and the Affiliate Bootcamp Course, will take a good chunk of your time to go through. You will tap into countless educational step-by-step tutorials, videos, screenshots, images on any related topic you can imagine.


Website development and maintenance 

You will develop and maintain your website or websites without constant headaches and the need to throw things around you. It means that you will have access to 24/7/365 website support for every website you have. And yes, you can certainly have more than one, in fact, you can host up to 50 websites in the one of the most secure hostings anywhere. All your website(s) will be automatically backed-up, fully secured and protected from spam. Looking for effective keywords using a keyword tool will become just pleasant. To boost your google rankings, you will want to use website feedback and website comment platform. You will have productive fun looking at website health analysis board and will be able check emails in domain-specific email accounts or even forward them to your favorite email account. If you are picky about design and good looks, thousands of themes and plugins will be at your disposal. And to be honest, this list is not inclusive.


Cost to become a premium member

The cost to become a premium member is $49 per month. A great education and support always cost money. However, this monthly fee fades if you compare it to a price of a single college or university course nowadays. Not only it’s a great education, it’s a right education as every day the world becomes submerged in Internet more and more. If you upgrade within a week of joining, your first month of premium membership becomes $19. Of course, there is a discount if you decide to subscribe for the whole year at once.






At first, it is easy to get disoriented in the amount of educational resources and website tools that are available at Wealthy Affiliate. However, in a couple of weeks everything gets sorted into shelves in your brain and you really start to appreciate the fact that everything you need is always at your fingertips anytime and every time. You begin to feel good being a member or a student I should say in such exceptionally well-thought-through University.



The purpose of Wealthy Affiliate


The sole purpose of Wealthy Affiliate University is to teach you how to turn your hobby into an income by leveraging the power of the Internet. In other words and to put it simple, make money by writing GOOD QUALITY content about your hobby. If you enjoy your hobby than you would certainly enjoy writing about it and what is a better way to make a living?

Every day, there are about 3 billion people googling something (or yahooing :)), searching for information, products and services and if you can help them find what they are looking for, everybody wins – you and them!

Personally, every day Wealthy Affiliate gives me more than a mentor I was looking for, much more.



Please keep in mind


The only think that I need you to make aware of is that monthly premium membership fee at Wealthy Affiliate does not include a domain fee. A domain is your website address. So, it means that every time you wish to build a new website with your very own address or domain, you will need to purchase it. A domain is about $13-15. However, you still can build 2 SiteRubix websites for free, without purchasing anything.

For example, you want your website address to be www.mytinydog.com. If you want your website address to look exactly like that, you will need to purchase this address to make it belong to you and no one else in the whole Internet.

If you decide to stay on SiteRubix domain, your address will look like this  www.mytinydog.siterubix.com and for this you don’t need to purchase anything, even of you are a free member.



Start somewhere


Ready to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate University and gradually turn your hobby into income? Fill out the form below and there you will be greeted by me and other members of the University. See you there!


What is Wealthy Affiliate University - main page



If you have questions or comments of any kind, don’t be shy, leave them here. I will answer back quickly.







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