Why Cleanse Your Body (Even if You Are a Breatharian!)

Why Cleanse Your Body (Even If You Are a Raw Vegan or Breatharian!)

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Why cleanse your body? Many different reasons.

Who needs a cleanse? Everyone. I think nowadays days detoxing your body is vital even if you are  a raw vegan or fruitarian. Even if you a breatharian, you need it (by the way congrats, and  I’d appreciate if you share some of your experiences in the comments below).

In the past cleansing was a ‘must’. People would cleanse their bodies every season. That’s four times per year.

Like soaking / fermenting grains and  many other forward-looking practices, this tradition has been lost for the most part.

But we gained something. Something that our human nature cannot be friends with. Something that makes body detoxing many times more important than in the old days.

♣  We gained  substances that can remove the symptoms of headaches and stomach aches in the matter of hours or even minutes.

♣  We gained substances that can make greasy pots sparkly clean without scrubbing.

♣  We gained substances that block the growth of weeds.

♣  We gained technology that makes it possible to connect with a friend in seconds no matter how far apart you live.


Things that took hours and days in the past were reduced to minutes or a few hours. The need for some tasks was eliminated altogether.

This time saving might sound good. But with what cost? Let’s examine the cost:

♣  What is the cost of a having instantly disappeared headaches with the help of Tylenol? With continuous use, this drug can cause kidneys diseases and high blood pressure (1). In other words, the cost is our health.

♣  What is the cost of not having to spend the whole afternoon scrubbing greasy plates?  The residue of a grease dissolver on our dishes. Some conventional cleaners, like Dawn Power Dissolver (which was discontinued) are linked with cancer. In other words, the cost is our health.

♣  What is the cost of not having to pull out weeds thanks to Roundup? Residue of Roundup on our food. This is while Roundup and other glyphosates are ‘associated with heart diseases, cancer and other ‘killer’ diseases these days. In other words, the cost is our health.

♣  What is the cost of not having to spend hours visiting a close friend living 900 miles away but instead use a smartphone? The reduced cognition and memory as a result of our heads being continuously exposed to electromagnetic frequency coming from the phone (2). In other words, the cost is our health.


As you see this time saving costs our health (and not  only physical but let’s not get into that). More accurately the cost is our declined health (compare to that of our grandmas and grandpas).

This decline in health of an average individual is exactly why you need cleansing much more than  your grandma did.

(I’m not mentioning the effects of above things on environment, which in turn further punches our health and wellbeing).


What cleanse should you do?

It can be anything from juice fasting to intermittent fasting to water fasting.

It can also be specially cleansing or detox formulations. Here in Alberta (Canada), Renew Life cleanses are popular and not without reason. Renew Life carries different types of cleanses depending on your lifestyle. If you’ve never done a cleanse, for example, Rapid Cleanse 7 day program is for you.

The Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox (formulated by Canadian doctor, who is also a herbalist) also has a lot of fans. It is designed to be done up to four times per year (just like people in the old days did).

In terms of fasts, I’ve heard very good reviews about Master Cleanse. It involves maple syrup, lemon and Cayenne pepper, and sea salt. Though it works better if you already practice relatively clean eating.


What are my personal experiences with cleansing?

From time to time I instinctively quit eating after 2-4pm. So, it can be considered intermittent fasting. (I might have a bit something sweet though to bring the blood glucose up).

Nearly on the daily basis I naturally take something that helps detoxify my body:

  • This includes activated charcoal (a few time per week).
  • Sometimes I put organic lemon and lime peel (orange and grapefruit ) in smoothies or chew them straight.
  • Sometimes it’s a few tablespoons of turmeric, or Cayenne pepper.
  • Nearly every day I eat 1-3 lemon or limes and drink apple cider vinegar.
  • Sometimes I use herbs like nettle and milk thistle.
  • In the summer, I make a lot bland green smoothies from the garden greens. I like to throw wild greens as well like young dandelions and a bit of wild lettuce, which are awesome at cleansing liver.
  • I also did a 7-day week fast about 6.5 years ago (right before starting raw veganism). It involved detoxing herbs, lemon and several tablespoons of honey per day. I’d like to do something similar in 2019.


Pick the cleanse that fits YOUR lifestyle

Now that I’ve set a tone for cleansing, what type of detox do you think fits with who you are?

If going without food seems impossible but you can see yourself eating oranges all day, maybe it’s a monojuice detox with fresh-squeezed orange juice?

If “you’ve been there” in terms of all different types of cleanses and you have a week off, maybe you can undertake a water fast in the reputable fasting center in your town?



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  1. Very well said. In fact here in India, our religious customs force (now it has reduced to encourage) people to follow fasting for one festival or the other that are o chosen to fall at the change of some seasons and help the body.

    Additionally, the Ayurveda has detailed procedures for different type of detoxing and recommends them to be done regularly even for healthy people, just as you rightly pointed out.

    Me, personally do fast on a festival or two (in addition to some religious rituals when needed). But aside from that, I am back to One Meal a day now, hoping to continue for a month and see one other time if I should adopt this permanently. I have already tried once with some benefits. But I am more inclined to simplifying my life to one step further.

    • Margarita

      Hi Mallik,

      I admire your one-meal-per day lifestyle. Way to go!

      I also admire the wisdom of Indian people and love to be around you guys.

      I plan to go to India (South Part) in the next 12 months.

      I send a newsletter on raw veganism. Would you like to receive tips to your email?

      Maybe we should do an interview on your one-meal-per-day approach.. What do you think about that?

      p.s. Apologizing for a delayed reply.

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