Why you need a rye sourdough starter

Making sourdough starter from scratch (use it to ferment your raw grains) - bacteria

Rye starter is home to billions of lactic acid bacteria. These guys fix your gut. Remember that 90% of your health is in your gut!

Moments ago I published a post on how to make a rye sourdough starter.

If you read my recipes and posts, you know  that I’m a big fan of fermentation. Especially when it comes to grains and pseudograins.


They keep you full

The major reason I include lots of fermented grains in my diet is they keep my satiety in check.

In other words, fermented grains and pseudograins rock at keeping my hunger under control. That’s because they are sources of complex carbohydrates (carbs). I wish I knew this in my first years on this diet.

So? Complex carbs are wonderful at making you feel full. Now, one of the major challenges when trying to eat raw is hunger! Having said that, some complex carbs like brown rice are unpalatable in raw form (even after soaking).

Furthermore, grains and to some extent pseudograins contain various levels of phytic acid (these are seed foods). This is where rye sourdough starter comes to the rescue.

You may ask why specifically rye? And I’d say: because rye is phenomenal at minimizing phytic acid!

Fermented grains are also incredibly tasty and energetically uplifting. Thanks to the friendly bacteria.

And finally, fermentation allows you to continue to enjoy your favorite grains. In a slightly different form.


To conclude

A rye starter is your buddy because it does so much good to your raw foods.

If you ask me, a rye starter should also become a close friend to those on the regular cooked diets. You folks need fermented foods even more!

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