Wish you spent less time on preparation of raw meals?

Wish you spent way less time on preparation of your raw meals?
Prepare your food in batches!
Here is what I do most of the time:

1. I take 2-3 days worth of oats, teff or amaranth, for example.

2. Then I add 2-3 tbsp of lactic acid culture and pour warm water in.

3. Then I leave it to ferment, on the counter.

(I am a fan of fermented foods)
It’s ready in 8-12 hours.
Then I just take that fermented oats or teff and eat it plain. Or with salt, red pepper, any other seasonings, berries, raw fat, etc.
Or use it as a base for sweet and savoury shakes and soups (and other on the-go creations).
That’s it!

I just let those oats/teff ferment further by leaving it on the counter (or any other warm place).
When I am running out, I just add more oats/teff into the bowl.
This cycle can go for weeks, ha-ha.
Just have to clean the bowl eventually.
Given the above process, I spent only 10-20 min on food preparation a day!!

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