1:1 Coaching


Weight loss, chronic conditions, stress / anxiety

Wish you were in shape, had a clear skin, broke free from your chronic condition, or had peace of mind most of the time?

Looking for a gentle yet tested-and-working solution?

Tailored-to-your preferences Body-Mind-Soul approach can be your solution to a more vibrant “You”.


I address physical / emotional challenges with a holistic approach

I address health challenges with the Body-Mind-Soul approach implementing a combination of the following:

Diet changes, lifestyle changes, alternative health techniques and practices, herbs, nature-derived supplements, mindset changes, connection to Your Divine Self (Universal Consciousness).


Why I think you can trust me

For myself I resolved my own weight challenges, a skin condition, a couple minor chronic conditions, and mastering my emotional state.

Acquired experience in alternative health clinics, health foods stores and some 1-1 coaching advising on supplements / remedies / lifestyle changes (>3 years).

About 5 years of multidisciplinary self-study of human health and wellbeing.

Hold B.Sc. Biol from University of Calgary.

***Note: I am not a doctor. I can only give recommendations and suggestions***


Raw vegan and vegan

Just started a raw vegan (vegan) diet? 

  • Hungry often?

  • Got cravings or deficiencies?

  • Feeling weak or dizzy?

  • Looking how to come up with filling quick meals?

  • Looking for variety in meals?

I have been a raw vegan for >8 years and got LOTS to share with you.


10-min initial consultation: FREE

45-min session: 95 CAD