2 other common vegetables you can eat raw (or dehydrated)

To finish the last article, here are the other 2 common vegetables you can eat raw. To me they taste very good. Dehydrating them for a couple hours is a tasty idea too.





2 other common vegetables you can eat raw (or dehydrated) - eggplantWeird but raw eggplant reminds me of rye bread! Perhaps it’s not an accurate description of its taste. However, its texture is soft and bouncy, just like that of bread!

One thing is certain about raw eggplant – it’s very refreshing and calms my nerves down.

Unlike you may think, no, it’s not poisonous raw.

It’s better to get your eggplant organic, otherwise it can be a little bitter. If it’s not organic, peel the skin.

Raw eggplant is tasty by itself. Snack on it during lunch to refresh yourself. It also goes well in “uncooked” soups. And finally, my favorite: cut it into 0.5 cm (1/5 inch) pieces along its length and use it like bread to make sandwiches!



Sweet potato


2 other common vegetables you can eat raw (or dehydrated) - sweet potatoSweet potato tastes a lot like a carrot, but with a twist of starch.

Because it’s pretty starchy, to ensure a smooth digestion, try to avoid drinking liquids while enjoying it. After all, it’s recommended to skip liquids during any meals.

Take the skin off if your potato is not organic.

Crunch on it just like you would on a carrot! It also goes well in vegetable smoothies.

Btw, a dehydrated sliced sweet potato makes good chips if you miss them.









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