3 common veggies that can be eaten raw

3 common veggies that can be eaten raw - 3 common veggies that can be eaten raw - lily-of-the-valley

Lily-of-the-valley is very charming. But also very poisonous. All parts of it. As a kid I spent summers in the countryside. There were dozens of wild flower species around. One of them was lily-of-the-valley

One of these veggies that can be eaten raw is asparagus.

In the last 6 years of my raw vegan journey, I’ve attempted to eat various common foods raw.

Some were unchewable and indigestible.

Some were simply harmful eaten raw.

Whereas others were quite delicious. These 3 that I’m going to chat about passed both, safety and taste bud tests.

What I really like about these veggies, is they are flavourful by themselves. Maybe just add a pinch of sea salt if you feel like it.

Another great thing, is they provide you with more nutrients than their cooked counterparts.





3 common veggies that can be eaten raw (one is asparagus)I don’t know about you, but I always had asparagus cooked back when eating regularly.

When I tried it raw.. oh my.. I realised that I was missing out eating it boiled.

Very tender, with a refreshing flavour, raw asparagus is somewhat similar to a baby cucumber. But I’d say more delicate.

When choosing, look for thin shoots – they are more tender than thick ones. In any case, you can trim the bottoms if you run across a couple fibrous ones.

Asparagus is splendid by itself as an energizing snack.

You can also throw this yummy thing into your favourite salad to springify your meal!

Another idea is to use asparagus instead of a boring romaine lettuce or spinach when making your green smoothies.


The other 2 veggies will come in the next post.










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