All about shungite water: make, use, buy

Continuing with shungite… Precisely, water that is purified with shungite. I’ve gathered the essential things you need to know about shungite water so that you can make your own and experience its goodness.

First, the details on how to infuse or purify water with shungite stones. Let’s pretend you already have shungite stones.



How to make shungite water


A jar of bad water is ready to be cleaned with shungite

A jar of bad water is ready to be cleaned with shungite

1. Take shungite stones out of a bag and wash them under running water in a colander.

2. Then transfer stones to a bowl or jar (don’t use plastic, glass is best) and pour enough water to cover the stones. Let them stand for 2-3 days, don’t cover them. This step is done to avoid excessively mineralized water.

3. When time comes, rinse stones with water again and now they are ready to do the work.

3. To purify 1 liter of water you need 150 grams of shungite stones. Do the math if you want to “shungite” more water. For 2 liters – 300 grams, for 3 liters – 400 grams, etc.

4. Put the stones on the bottom of a container and distribute them evenly. Glass containers are the best as silica from which glass is made is completely inert material. That cannot be said about metal (even stainless steel) or ceramic. So find the one made from glass to get the most goodness out of shungite water. For example, a jar is perfect but make sure your hand can fit through the jar opening. Let the water sit for 24 hours at room temperature in a sunny place. A windowsill is a good option. Access to sunlight is vital as it charges both shungite and water.

5. When your water is done you may notice a thin layer at the top of jar. These are lightweight contaminants, usually they are there if water is particularly contaminated. Also, you will notice the settled stuff at the bottom – these are heavyweight contaminants. What to do about this? Simply pour away the top centimeter and don’t use the bottom 3-4 centimeters of water.


Once you have your healing water ready, it’s time to test its power. By the way, there is no need to refrigerate it, just store it at room temperature where there is plenty of light.



How to use shungite water


Shungite water is not a remedy to be used once in a while. In my opinion, it is simply a pure water to drink every day. Like water from a remote creek. People would always have access to water of similar purity if they chose to be gentle with environment at the very beginning.

I dug through Russian research studies and official websites to come up with conditions and diseases that shungite helps with. Every illness I mention below is coming either from a scientific paper or from a physician working in a hospital/sanatorium. A majority of these people are associated with Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy or M. Kirov Military Medical Academy.


***Please pay attention to the below warning. Don’t use shungite water if you have***


  • Thrombotic disorders (blood clots in vessels)
  • Neoplasms – recent growths. That includes both malignant (cancer) and benign (out-of-nowhere skin growths such as moles, lipomas)
  • Sudden worsening of cardiovascular diseases


If you don’t have any of the above, then you are okay to nourish yourself with shungite water in a variety of ways. Drink it plain. Prepare tea, infusions and meals with it. Wash your face and hair with it. Give it to dogs and cats. Remember that heating shungite water doesn’t alter its properties, so feel free. Whether you have shungite water in your water bottle or in a soup, drink it slowly, like you would if it was freshly squeezed juice.


Use shungite water internally 

Like I mentioned in About shungite (the case when goodness is black), shungite can help you on the numerous levels. It is especially useful for conditions related to circulatory, nervous, digestive, respiratory, urinary and reproductive systems. The list of illnesses includes but not limited to cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, anemia, diabetes, varicose veins, gastritis, bronchitis, pneumonia, atherosclerosis, colitis, pancreatitis, diseases of liver and biliary tract and depression. If you suffer from any of them, try to drink and cook food with shungite water whenever you can.


Use shungite water externally 

All about shungite water - make, use, buy - shungite and diseasesAccording to Russian physicians, shungite does wonders when applied directly to the skin. For topical application, prepare a concentrated shungite water. To make it, just double the amount of shungite. Hence, 150 grams of shungite stones would make 0,5 liters of concentrated shungite water. Employ shungite water in the followings ways:


  • To speed up the healing of cuts, open wounds and burns as well as to soothe red, itchy, inflamed skin, soak a gauze pad with shungite water and place it on affected area


  • For muscuskeletal diseases and injuries such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, sprains and strains, bath affected area in shungite water or soak a towel in it and place on affected area


  • For problems with hair including hair loss, wash your hair with shungite water and let it dry naturally (use a towel, not a hairdryer)


  • For periodontitis, angina, mouth ulcers, sore throat, gargle with warm shungite water several times per day


  • For skin conditions such as acne, black heads, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, wash you face with shungite water in the morning and evening and spray it throughout the day (use a spray bottle)


  • Microbes don’t like shungite, so wash your hands with shungite water. Carry a bottle of water with you and use it instead of those chemical-filled public sanitizers


Plus, use shungite water on all pets in a household and of course give it to them to drink and add it to their food.

Personally, I drink about 250 ml of shungite water every day and this is the only water that my poodle drinks.

Now, you may question the shelf-life of shungite water and the stones themselves. As I noted, shungite water doesn’t need a cool place, room temperature and lots of light is what makes it happy. Consume water within a few days after preparing it. As for shungite stones, read on.



How long does shungite last


Shungite can last quite a bit of time. Large-sized stones can be used indefinitely but polish them every 6 months with fine-grained  sandpaper. If stones are smaller, it is recommended to change them once every 6 months. Once in a month clean stones of all sizes with apple cider vinegar or baking soda and put them out into the sun to recharge for a couple hours. As well as don’t forget to rinse stones under running water after every use.



Where to buy shungite


Because most studies were done on Karelian shungite, make sure shungite you are buying is coming from Karelia, not India or Tibet.

At any rate, it is simple to test the authenticity of shungite. Run an electrical current through it using a battery, light bulb and wires. It conducts electricity, a rare phenomena in geology!

You can get either specialized shungite water stones or shungite water filters. I use shungite stones.

To be sure that shungite is coming from Karelia, buy it from Karelia or Saint Petersburg-based retailers. You may need to wait longer but at least you would know that you’ve got the real thing.

Check out these two Petrozavodsk-based companies. For your reference, Petrozavodsk is a capital of Karelia. In case of any questions, contact them, they are fine with English.


  • “Shungite Life”. In addition to a good selection of shungite water stones, they carry a carbon-rich elite shungite


I believe I’ve covered enough to get you going. If I missed anything, give me a shout. If you are wondering whether a particular disease can be treated with shungite water, let me know, I will look it up for you!






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  1. Hi Margarita, I truly appreciate your article on shungite water.

    I am new to this awesome stone. It has helped me tremendously with pain. I wear a shungite bracelet and carry an elite noble in my bra. The first few days, I experienced a slight headache and I am sure I was detoxing bad energy and I noticed that I had an overall well-being feeling which continues to last.

    My question now though pertains to how much shungite water to give my Shit Zhu/Maltese, she weighs, 7 lbs and her water bowl holds two cups…I drink the shugite water, I have a 1 liter glass container with nuggets of the elite noble. Should I put a nugget in her water bowl? I read on another site that pets can tolerate 3 nuggets in their bowl…what do you suggest?

    • Hi Verna,

      I just love hearing that! So cool it banishes the pain you are experiencing. I wonder what is a source of the pain…

      I surfed through the Russian Internet for a while and unfortunately could not find any recommendations on shungite dose for pets. Just read stories of owners telling that their cats, horses, dogs when given a choice between a shungite, filtered, rain or even spring or well water, choose the first. And there are a couple studies conducted on animals. For example, after given shungite infused water or fullerene containing substances, lab animals with cancer live twice as long, chickens have larger eggs, pets less often contract parasites and enjoy a greater tolerance to infections. One site recommended introducing it to pets gradually. Since your dog is tiny and thus more vulnerable than larger dog breeds, sudden intense detoxification and other cleansing mechanisms can make her sick. So, introducing shungite water gradually makes sense in your case.

      To make shungite water for my Standard poodle I use the same amount of stones as for myself but put twice or three times as much water. He is about 55 pounds. I don’t put shungite directly in his bowl but in a separate glass jar. The stones are there all the time. I just clean the jar and the stones about once a week. I recently met a poodle breeder and she was surprised to hear that he is seven years old. She said that he has an excellent physique. Of course, that’s not only because of that. Besides, he was drinking this water for less than a year. But still. Regarding the shungite amount or concentration I don’t see why not try the same approach for your Shit Zhu/Maltese.

      Just in case, to be on the safe side, what you may want to do is this:

      1) Give her water with 25% shungite water for a week. Prepare shungite water the same way as you would for yourself, but add 2-3 times more water.

      2) Then, in a week, give her a choice – fill one bowl with whatever water she usually has and the other bowl with 25% shungite water. Animals naturally sense what their body needs – think of this as an “instinct of health”. Humans can’t compete with animals in this regard.

      3) If she chooses shungite then start giving her that. Gradually, make it to be 100% shungite water. The author of this book on shungite gave his cat a week to get used to it. Shit Zhu/Maltese is about the same weight, so give her a week or so to adjust.

      Also, I dug a bit for western articles dealing with shungite effect on animals. This US paper lists carbon-60 fullerene (C60) as one of the anti-aging supplements for animals including dogs. And it mentions shungite as one of the natural sources of fullerene. Consensus is always good.

      If you need any clarification, just let me know.

      Wish you and your little one a splendid feeling of health!

  2. I have a couple questions for you if you could reach out to my email! I am very very interested and of all the articles I have read, yours is very resourceful and packed with info that others are not! Please get back to me :))

    • Thank you for being so interested in my work! I just replied you via email 🙂

  3. hi Margarita…just checking. you firstly say drink it through the like you would normally do but then at end you say ” i personally drink 250 ml per day. That is only 1 glass. Could you explain. thanks, Jo

    • Hey Jo,

      Just seeing this comment, apologizing.

      Now, I may drink up to a litre per day.

      I said 250 ml because that’s the amount that was convenient for me – due to being lazy making more shungite water 😉

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Have a beautiful day!

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