Are there any shungite water side effects? Is shungite water acidic or alkaline? & other shungite FAQ

Today, I’m answering:
  • Are there any shungite water side effects?
  • Is shungite water acidic or alkaline?
  • Is shungite radioactive?
  • And 8 other question related to shungite, the medicinal rock
Hmm… exactly 3 months passed since the last article on this blog.
Anyways, healing benefits of shungite are well researched and documented in Russian academia.
If it is your first time hearing about shungite, read this article on the history and properties of shungite.

1. Does shungite remove fluoride?


My first question would be if shungite is efficient in removing fluoride from the water?

Yes, it is! There are many factors that determine a removal efficiency of a harmful substance.
Some factor are: the method used (shungite stones vs shungite filter), the duration of shungite in water, the amount of carbon in shungite, the quality of shungite.
For example, a shungite filter can remove up to 80% of fluorine, which is very good. See “Performance of Shungite filters” table here. Hint: Fluorine is the same element, it’s just a neutral form of fluoride.
In the end, as long as you put 150 grams of high-quality shungite stones per liter of water and leave them for 10-12 hours, the removal efficiency should be close to 80%.

2. Is shungite water acidic or alkaline?


How do I make the shungite water alkaline as I do see it turns acidic from what I read..
It actually turns the water alkaline! That’s one of the major reasons why shungite is used for water purification.

3. Are there any shungite water side effects? How much shungite water should a person drink a day?

Is there such thing as having too much shungite water or should I stick to only certain amount of cups per day as I do usually drink over 10 cups or more throughout the day?
You can drink as much as you want! There are no side effects.
Personally, all water I drink is shungite water. I usually use non-shungite water for making tea and preparing food, just because it’s more convenient (so, yes, a laziness factor here).
I’m thinking I’ll get a shungite filter sometimes in the future so that all water can be shungite water in a matter of minutes.

4. Is shungite radioactive?


No. On the opposite, it removes radiation (radionuclides) from water. In fact, shungite can remove up to 90% of radionuclides (scroll down to the table “Performance of shungite filters”).


5. How much shungite should you use in order to purify water?

How many liters or gallons of water can I purify with 40g of shungite?
To purify 1 liter of water you need 150 grams of shungite stones.
So, 150 grams /40 grams = 3.75.
Then you can purify: 1000 ml /3.75 = 266 ml.
So, with 40 grams of shungite you can purify 0.26 liters of water, which is roughly one cup.


6. Can shungite be left in water?


And once I use X amount of grams of the stone, can I just leave them in the recipient and make a new batch right away?
Yes, you can just leave the stones in the container until you drink all the water. That’s actually what I do.
Leaving them longer only purifies the water further.


7. For how long should shungite be left in water?


Is there certain amount of days or hours limited that I should leave the stones in water for?
The minimum time you should leave the stones in water is 30 minutes.
The recommended maximum is 2-3 days, but I think you would drink/use the water well before that.
However, if you exceed 2-3 days, the water is still good to drink (read below why).

8. Is shungite water safe to drink if shungite stones were left for more than 6 days?


If I go on a trip for 6 days and just leave the water and stones in it, will it do anything bad to it?
No, it won’t do anything bad. But I noticed that it acquires a characteristic smell and taste if you use too much stones in a small volume of water. That’s because the water becomes very rich in healthy minerals (which are there as a result of shungite).
I sometimes may drink water that has been left with shungite for 4-5 days (left in a car) if there is no purified water around, and I’m ok and feel very healthy 🙂

9. How much shungite water should a pet drink a day?

Should pets be limited to the amount of shungite water being given or they can drink as much as possible?
They can drink it as much as they want. They love it.
My poodle drinks only shungite water for about 3 years now. Although he is 9 years old, he is healthy as  a young pup and very often complemented on his appearance.

10. Can shungite be used to cleanse negative energy?


I’ve read some people put shungite water in dark spots in the house. Others recommend lots of light, so I am not too sure as to what to do :/ .
I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews but you seem to know your stuff based on all the research, I saw you source so I prefer to take your word for it 🙂
By dark you mean energetically bad (of low-vibration)?
Like a kitchen where lots of bad arguments take place? Yes, shungite can contribute to positive higher vibrations in those spots to some extent. For that you will need more than a few pieces of shungite. Depending on the size of the spots, let’s say, like for 4-10 of shungite pieces around the room. Roughly 25-100 grams each.
I’d also be looking at other ways to cleanse energetically bad spots and areas:


  • For example, you can pray around there and ask the Creator to cleanse the area of dark energy and forces.

  • Also, be sure that objects and people around there only contribute light and good.

  • You can also introduce live plants and flowers to those spots


11. Shungite as an alternative to a conventional water filter?

I am interested in something healthy and specially if it’ll save me $$ on not having to buy some crazy water filter system when these stones do the same..
For sure 🙂 Shungite can definitely replace water filters.
You can use just shungite stones.
Or shungite filters if you wish! Yes, there is such thing (as I mentioned above). Find shungite filters here.

Are there any shungite water side effects? Is shungite water acidic or alkaline? & other FAQ related to shungite

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