Being a raw vegan doesn’t necessarily mean being healthy!


Being a raw vegan does not necessarily mean being healthy!

The whole fruit tastes like lemon peel! Pretty concentrated stuff

Are you shocked?

I don’t want to add stress to your life but that’s the reality. In other words, becoming and being a raw vegan doesn’t mean that you will (be):

  • free of diseases
  • achieve your dream weight
  • have a perfect skin


You thought you tapped into a matrix of prolonged youth and now I’m telling you this!

Why, why is that..? Why is life so complicated?

“Because” is this: simply eating everything in whatever way you want as long as it is a plant and uncooked one is not enough. Other factors play a huge role. And I’m not even talking about such important things as being active, breathing clean air at least once in a while, surrounding yourself with positive people. I’m strictly talking about those directly related to food. Such as how much you eat, when you eat, how you combine your foods, how good you chew your food. Say, you love avocados and pistachios and eat them all day long. You are actually doing more damage to your  body than someone who has a piece of organic turkey a couple times per week but practices moderation. Not that I think eating meat is okay (strongly against it, for many reasons) but you get the point.



Let’s see how hard you are on your body. Answer the following:


  • when making salads, do you love drowning your veggies in olive oil and avocados?
  • do you have sweets and fats at the same time?
  • do you eat a lot of non-organic produce?
  • do you eat nuts and seeds right out of the bag, without soaking them beforehand?
  • do you rely heavily on dried fruits?
  • do you eat a lot of raw dehydrated, store-bought snacks?
  • do you take this diet to an extreme? For example, you may have a debilitating hunger headache and with nothing raw around, you absolutely refuse to bite into a healthy cooked dish
  • do you ignore advice your hear on vitamins B12, A, D and K2?
  • do you go to bed with a full belly?
  • are you eating while staring at a smartphone/laptop?
  • do you eat beyond your hunger? Do you like to satisfy this capricious thing known as appetite?
  • do you swallow your food without thoroughly chewing it?


If you answered with more than five “yes”, then you need to pause the tornado you are in and think whether you really doing the best for your health.



The good news


However, that’s normal. The overall majority adopting this lifestyle does the above mistakes. Especially during transitioning. Myself included. In fact, in five years of being a raw vegan, at various periods, I did all the above. And still do sometimes.

The good news is no matter what I did virtually always there was the following:

  • much better immunity (I got sick [with flu] only 2 times in the last 5 years)
  • better stamina. Both, physical and mental
  • pretty good-looking skin
  • better healing of wounds, cuts, bruises
  • better digestion
  • a pronounced zest for life


And that’s not just me. Many in this game share similar improvements.

So, I can almost guarantee you the following. No matter how bad you are with this way of eating you will always feel and look better than on the conventional North American diet.

Does this make you feel happier?

But! To squeeze the maximum benefits out, you need to keep numerous things in check. And if you focus on the above, you will start paving your way towards unimaginable level of health. The level of health that unfortunately majority don’t get to experience in the lifetime.




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