Live on AliveMy name is Margarita. Health-related field started to interest me in the early childhood. I remember the episode of giving shots to my Miniature Poodle with thistle thorns during one of the summers! At that time I was about seven or eight years old. Because of this early-established interest, I didn’t have a problem choosing a major – enrolling in Biological Sciences was almost an automatic decision.

In 2012 I began eating almost exclusively (about 95%) raw foods. With all the wonderful side effects such as losing the majority of unwanted kilograms, increased endurance in running, the skin condition that I battled for so long vanished.

I must say that I feel colder since transitioning to this lifestyle, however not to the extent of being uncomfortable; usually additional layers of clothing, oil heater (more eco-friendly and results in cleaner air than convection heaters), hot peppers, curry, ginger are enough to keep myself warm.

If you are interested what triggered me to adopt this lifestyle at the first place, read this story.

I have lived in Calgary, Alberta for the past 15 years.

Any questions, thoughts, criticism and anything else related is welcome.

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