You’re missing out by not using this raw vegan protein powder: My Review on Botanica Perfect Protein Elevated Anti-Inflammatory

This Botanica Perfect Protein Elevated Anti-Inflammatory protein powder is indeed perfect if you are looking to gain muscles, lose unwanted pounds AND at the same time protect yourself from chronic conditions. So, you are killing three birds with one stone, so to say. Although I’d say feeding three birds from one bird feeder 🙂 The … [Read more…]

Is your body overprotecting you with too much inflammation?

You probably heard that inflammation is the root cause of over 90% of chronic conditions and diseases. I should emphasize that it’s slow, low-grade  inflammation that is unhealthy. This type of inflammation is called chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation may continue for months and years (it might be quiet without you being aware of it). On … [Read more…]

(Raw) Veganism as Part of and Boost to Personal Development (Including Spiritual Growth)

Today I wanted to shortly talk about the mental and spiritual benefits of following plant-based eating. About 6.5 years ago I started getting my (gross) life energy from raw, soaked, fermented, and sprouted foods. I’m sure this way of eating boosted my memory and ability to analyze info. It also improved my outlook on life, … [Read more…]