How these 5 herbs that fight inflammation can keep you out of trouble

In this video, I review 5 somewhat underrated yet powerful herbs that fight inflammation. For more details on how and how much cinnamon, black pepper, and others to take, go here. If you want to know more what is exactly ‘the wrong type of inflammation’, read Is your body overprotecting you with too much inflammation?   … [Read more…]

Feel like a fish out of the water? Here is why raw veganism may not be for you (at this time)

Things just don’t seem to work for you? Then maybe at this time you should not be too religious about being 100% raw vegan. Because everyone is different. This way of eating can be extreme for some. For others, it’s easier. For example, if you were a city child brought on potatoes, scrambled eggs, chicken, … [Read more…]

Look for these 5 powerful anti-inflammatory foods in your kitchen

These anti-inflammatory herbs are common. And for this reason sometimes they are overlooked for their powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. About a week ago, I talked about how the wrong type of inflammation in your body may lead to ‘killer’ diseases. Cancers, heart diseases, diabetes are real killers as they are leading causes of death these days. … [Read more…]