Dragging life? You can be THRIVING


  • Do you want to heal your condition? Get rid of aches and pains?

  • Do you want to reach optimal health?

  • Do you want to lose stubborn weight on your belly, hips or thighs?

  • Do you want to boost your physical performance?

  • Do you love to eat plant foods?

My name is Margarita.

I’ve been 90-100% raw vegan since 2012.

Not only I lost flab…

… and relatively effortlessly can stay in my ideal weight range…

… my chronic skin condition is long gone…

… and I enjoy a better physical performance, with less effort.


With years, I came up with an absolutely unique system how to make raw vegan lifestyle sustainable on a long-term. 

Once you can make raw veganism sustainable for yourself:

  • Healing from over 95% of chronic conditions

  • Release of stubborn pounds

  • Better physical performance

  • And much much much more

naturally takes place.

While LOVING what you eat

‘Sustainable on a long-term’ means:

  • Without a feeling of dissatisfaction

  • Without hunger

  • Without lightheadedness

  • Without brain fog

  • Without low energy (which often interferes with workout goals)

  • Without dangerous deficiencies

  • And much more

Guidance to Your Wants

Do you resonate with what you read above?

Do you have questions?

Do you want to heal your body permanently?

If yes, send me a short note to mivaniuk@shaw.ca.

Bliss and Wealth to You,


B.Sc. Bio

Frederic Patenaude about this system:

… powerful ideas that I’ve never read ANYWHERE on how to optimize a high-raw diet…

(Frederic has been part of the raw food movement since 1996)