Hi Cosmic Being,

My name is Margarita. I’ve been 90-100% raw vegan since 2012.

Not only I lost flab and stay in my ideal shape range, I also  healed a chronic skin condition.

With Divine Grace, my health is so resilient that I’ve been sick with a flu only ONCE since 2012 (symptoms were mild and last 2 only days).

With years, I’ve developed an absolutely unique system on how to optimize raw veganism.

That is, make it sustainable on a long-term basis.

That is:

  • Without feeling of dissatisfaction.

  • Without hunger.

  • Without lightheadedness.

  • Without brain fog.

  • Without low energy (which often interferes with exercise/workout goals)

  • Without dangerous or minor deficiencies.

  • And more.

Once you can optimize raw veganism for yourself, unwanted pounds and healing from majority of DISeases in the body naturally follows.

Frederic Patenaude about this system:

… powerful ideas that I’ve never read ANYWHERE on how to optimize a high-raw diet…


Do you resonate with what you read above?

Do you have questions?

Do you want answers?

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