Dehydrated sweet potato chips for junk food nostalgia (with onion)

No clue why you would miss junk food. But if you do, these dehydrated sweet potato chips may alleviate your nostalgia. Or maybe not, as sweet potato stands far from a regular potato in taste. And the texture is more chewy than crispy. But try them anyways. If I am correct, store-bought chips sometimes come with onion flavor, so include onion here as well. One medium sweet potato makes one serving.



Dehydrated sweet potato chips for junk food nostalgia (with onion) - ingredients



You need
    • Sweet potato
    • Onion
    • Coconut oil





Dry them up and spread coconut oil on top


Slice a sweet potato into 5 mm thin pieces along its length. Cut onion twice as thinly to send away its not-so-pleasent zest. Half of onion is enough to do the “flavour” job. Put them in a dehydrator. Don’t overdry sweet potato as it becomes rock hard. Take it out when a thin soft layer is still left inside the chips. Spread the chips and onion on a plate and bath them with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.




In raw veganism, sweet potatoes are special


If you are vegan, sweet potatoes are great as dehydrated they are pretty filling and have no phytic acid. Not many vegan foods can show off such combination. Phytic acid is a pesky compound found in varying amounts in all grains, nuts, seeds and beans. It attaches to critically-important minerals like calcium and zinc preventing them from entering your blood. This may lead to brittle bones and teeth that are highly vulnerable to cavity-causing bacteria. Straying away from too much phytic acid and eating vegan might be a little headache. But worth it, if you want to keep your hard structures safe.



Coconut oil is so easy to digest that it is given to newborns 


Remember the time when coconut oil had a bad reputaion? Until about mid-2000s. Since then the oil began to ascend and now, without exaggeration, is put in front of all other oils. Turns out that researchers were too quick with their conclusions. They better, as natives living on the islands of South Pacific eat these gigantic nuts, and thus oil, since creation of mankind. And remain in vibrant health.

Coconut oil is almost all composed of saturated fats. The fact that they are saturated is what gave researchers a hard time in the first place. These fats are mostly found in animal fats and are linked to all kinds of heart ills. Eventually, it was realized that not all saturated fats are equal. In coconut oil, saturated fatty acids chains, from which oil molecules are made, are shorter. They are referred to as medium-chain fatty acids and make up about 95% of the oil. This difference gives rise to a whole set of other characteristics. A difference of night and day. Not only coconut oil does not offend the heart, it repairs it. Research has identified countless good sides of coconut oil but I will outline those that are especially beneficial for raw vegans.


      • The way coconut oil is handled by a body is a breath – unlike other fats, medium-chain fatty acids don’t need to be broken down before leaving digestive tract. So, islanders give this oil to newborns and little kids whose digestive tract is still developing as well those with weak digestion
      • It reduces your appetite and gives you a comfortable feeling of satiety
      • Liquidates viruses, bad bacteria and fungi. Lauric acid, a type of medium-chain fatty acid, is responsible for this. The next best source of lauric acid is human breast milk. Not surprising as infants whose immune system is still in the building stage are vulnerable and need a shield. But you can’t drink milk, right? And forget about human one 🙂 . So, coconut is a way to go


Given all its traits, oil from coconut is a star among other vegetable oils. If you are raw vegan, because it is easy to digest, reduces appetite and fights bacteria, it makes sense to look at coconut oil as a staple oil.




Dehydrated sweet potato chips for junk food nostalgia (with onion) - ready dish





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