Do blue light-blocking glasses really work? (My review on PROSPEK blue light glasses)

Do blue light blocking glasses really work (My review on PROSPEK Blue Light Glasses))

They are especially welcome in this kind of weather..:/

Do blue light-blocking glasses really work? They do, if your glasses block majority of blue light.

A non-food topic today but something that may considerable improve your wellbeing. And you may start to experience it on the first day which was the case with me.

Blue light-blocking glasses… As the name suggests this type of glasses block blue light.

I talked about blue light here. In a nutshell, blue light is natural and is emitted by the¬† sun. However, when your eyes absorb only blue light (without the healing benefits of red and infrared) blue is damaging to the eyes. That’s because it’s a high energy light. If you look at the electromagnetic spectrum, blue light is actually located very close to the UV light (ultraviolet¬† light).

Coming back to the question: Do blue light-blocking glasses really work?

Yes, they work! I’ll describe how they work for me. My eyes are hardly ever tired anymore! My sleep is deeper. I also feel a better sense of wellbeing in the evening when it’s dark out.


My review on PROSPEK blue light glasses

♠ I dropped them a few times. Also, ‘squished’ them in my bag and that’s without the case. I’m quite surprised they are still ‘alive’. When doing more reading it turns out that they are made if highly durable and flexible polycarbonate plastic.

♠ The lens is made of 8 layers, all in the name if your eyes’ health.

I started wearing PROSPEK blue light glasses about 3 months ago. I’ve been introduced to them by a coworker (she is always on the hunt for the natural health-improving methods, gadgets, herbs, etc.)

And today, I don’t go a day without these glasses! A day… my computer time doesn’t go without them (and on average I spend 6-7 hours on computer daily). As I said earlier, you also better off by installing some kind of blue-light blocking app on your PC, tablet, phone. I use IRIS and love it (recommended by Dr. Mercola). I talk about IRIS here.

In 90% of the time, I’ll also wear these glasses indoors. Or anywhere under LED or fluorescent lighting.

♠ These glasses block 99% of the blue light coming into your eyes.

♠ They are light and got that fit-all style.

♠ And one unexpected benefit: because they got that orange tint, it feels like it’s that time close to the sunset! For this reason, they make me a bit happier every time I put them on!

♠ And one last thing: they come with a case and cloth, which is useful.

If you spend more than 2 hours looking at the screen or

Your home is lit with LED/fluorescent lighting &

You are looking for




a little friend in a case who can MAKE YOU A BIT HAPPIER

Then get PROSPEK glasses! Amazon has a pretty good price (if buying with other items (shipping) )

P.S. Majority of customers and other people who I recommended these glasses to are already wearing them or are planning to get them.


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