EMF and 5G speed up aging

EMF and 5G can make us look older than we are.

And, physiologically, speed up aging.

Due to to cellular stress that harmful EMFs cause.

Personally, I look my age or OLDER when I am in 5G-covered area and spend little time in nature.

Top picture:

Taken at the place where 5G signals come up about 30% of time.

And I got about 1 hour of just countryside the day before (not forest).

Picture taken about 4 months ago.

Just turned 32. I do look 32 (or older).

The opposite is also true.

When there is no 5G coverage / EMF source, we can look way younger.

Bottom picture:

Taken at the place where there were no 5G signals at the time.

And I spent about 2-3 hours in REAL nature.

*Remote pine forest and vineyards.

Just turned 30.

I think I look 16 here.


To protect from EMF and 5G  am going to be investing in Centropix EMF-neutralizing devices.

They are quite pricey. But priceless.


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